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NERCO-N. CHLYKAS AND ASSOCIATES SA is a company carrying out studies and providing services for Legal Entities of the Public and the Private Law, Bodies and Enterprises, in sectors related to the protection, management, development and elevation of the Environment, the Forest Ecosystems and the Agriculture, and in fields related to the Touristic Development and Infrastructure Projects.

The company, with registered seat in Athens, was founded in 1997 by highly experienced executives, initially as a Limited Liability Company and from 2006 as a Consultancy Société Anonyme , under the Register number 61895/01/Β/06/587 (Gov. Gazette 824/ Bulletin for Société Anonyme and Limited Liability companies /2-2-2007).

The company is rapidly developed over the last 10 years by participating in and undertaking projects in all sectors of its activity, expanding to new fields (e.g. preparation of Forest Maps), and participating in all large-scale infrastructure projects throughout the country (Attica Tollway, Olympic Works, Egnatia Motorway, DEPA SA, etc.).

The company is registered in the Register of Consultancy Firms of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, under the register number 581, in the following categories and diplomas:

  • Cat.24 – Forest projects, rank Ε’ (15 units)
  • Cat.27 – Environmental studies, rank D’ (8 units)
  • Cat.25 – Landscape studies, rank C’ (3 units)
  • Cat.16 – Topography studies, rank C’ (3 units)
  • Cat.10 – Studies for Transport Projects, rank C’ (3 units)


It is also registered in the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (HELLASCO), which represents Greek consulting firms that are mainly involved in the provision of consulting services for design, planning and implementation of technical and development projects and programmes of the public and private sector in Greece and abroad.

The company has over 20 years of experience in studies and it is staffed with highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the aforementioned sectors.
Mr. Nikos Chlykas, President and CEO of the company, has 38 years of experience and a strong presence in the forest and environmental field.

He has served as President in Foresters Associations (Pan-Hellenic Association of Public Servants Foresters [PEDDY], Pan-Hellenic Federation of Surveyors and Geotechnicians[PASYMEGE]) and as Secretary General of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece [GCG] for several years. He has also been member of Board of Directors of The Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (SEGM). Moreover, he has participated in committees such as:

  • Committee for the preparation of Law 2308/1995 (National Cadastre)
  • Committee for the specifications of Management Studies – Forests, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Committee of the Parliament for the Forests
  • Strategic Planning Committee for the completion of the Forest Maps preparation programme (Geotechnical Chamber of Greece [GCG })
  • National Council of Physical Planning and Sustainable Development representing the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GCG)

Today, he is the President of the PASYMEGE.


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